First Real Post

Please pardon while I continue to figure this all out. I figure it’ll take me a few days to explore and get everything just as I’d like but in the mean time, no reason I can’t start writing. The WordPress tutorial was only somewhat helpful. And Scottish. I swear a beam must have come out of the computer and scanned my brain to find out what language/accent I’d prefer. Scottish. Very good. Thank you, WordPress. Another thing that made this whole experience border on creepy: Set up my “Gravatar” and once I confirmed, at the very top of the page it said, “Kia Ora, Lady Ruthless!” How the hell did it know I was in New Zealand when that picture was taken? Coincidence? Maybe…

Anyway, this is just my first, real, crappy entry. I intend to get better at this. I hope. Just be aware, I don’t like to take life too seriously so you’re not going to find a whole lot of serious here. There will be some, from time to time. I do feel passionately about some things: Civil rights, natural foods, saving the planet, UNICEF, ASPCA…I’m not going to shove all these things down your throat though. That’s not why I’m here. I’m here to entertain myself, and hopefully some other people along the way.

And away we go…


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