GAAAAAATES! (Said like Captain Kirk said, “KAAAAAAHHHHN!”)

I just spent way too much time trying to add my blog to a couple of search engines. Or something like that. Whatever I was doing it’s to get some traffic over here. Not that this blog is terribly entertaining. Yet. But Google was nice and easy. Bing, not so much. Gave me issues the whole way through and honestly I’m still not sure if I managed it. Way to go Microsoft. User friendly as always. Honestly, I should just stick with all things not Microsoft, maybe get a Mac next time I’m up for a new computer. Which is soon. Windows 7 drives me nuts. I was trying to copy just one portion of what’s called a meta tag but every time I would try, the entire tag would get highlighted. I would try again. Nope, must copy the whole thing. No really, you have to have the whole thing. No, all of it. Did I stutter? I’m Windows 7, you’ll do as I say and like it. Bitch. It’s not like I can’t copy the whole thing, paste it and then just delete the extraneous portions, but it’s the principle of the thing. I shouldn’t have to.



(That, was directed at Microsoft, by the way).


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