You people are weird

I was rummaging through my stats for my blog, as a new blogger tends to do – actually, I’m guessing a not-so-new blogger likes to look at that as well, but I digress. There’s a section that will show you what search terms people used in a search engine that led them to your blog. Here’s what I found:


You people are weird.

I remember that post, and how I was commenting that a search for Mitt Romney’s crotch brings up nothing. Well now, my friends, it does apparently. My blog. I couldn’t be more proud. It would appear if you’re looking for a dominatrix in Portsmouth that you’ll get to my blog as well. I’m on my way to something big here, folks.


3 thoughts on “You people are weird

  1. I had “G-Man Sex Battle” on mine about a week ago! What on earth is G-Man anyway…
    And “Sex Battle”. I thought it was supposed to be pleasurable, not a battle 😀

    BTW: Your blog is awesome 😀

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