Apparently the word “asshole” gets views (or What I’ve Learned So Far)

So far in my very short blogging “career” I’ve learned a couple of things. 1. I should save my best stuff for the weekends. 2. Cussing in the title brings readers. Perhaps these are the wrong lessons but my most viewed post had the word “asshole” in the title and I put it up on a weekend. I have no objection to this as I can swear like a drunken sailor when I feel like. I apologize if that last sentence is now considered insensitive to sailors. You never know now-a-days. I’ll have to look into that. Or not. I’ll probably just keep using that simile on the rare occasion I need it.

I had to ask my boyfriend if “swear like a drunken sailor” was an analogy, a metaphor or what. At first he said it was a smilie, which, I agreed, but he had meant simile. He did correct himself but I liked his first assessment. I think that’s how I’ll go about my day today. Everything will be smilie. Man, the automatic spell check is having a fit with that one. Fuck you spell check. I’ll spell how I want!

What this all means is that I’d better come up with some good stuff for this weekend. I’m sure I can pull out something. I’ve got all sorts of work stories (I work at a bank – won’t say which one as I’d like to keep my job). Something hilarious is bound to happen between now and the weekend as well. I can’t wait. I’ve got my little blog notebook at the ready to write some event down so I don’t forget it. Bring it on!


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