I was right about the asshole

Yesterday I received half the number of views I did on my most viewed day. That makes sense as I satisfied half the requirements. I can’t wait to try out my theory on the weekend. So for future reference, the word “asshole” is an attention grabber people. This weekend I may try a different cuss word just for shits and giggles. See what I did there? Yeah, neither do I. I don’t intend on my blog being filled with cussing from now on, I just find this an interesting experiment. Maybe I should always include a swear word in my tags. Or maybe I’ll just beg and plead with you all to spread this blog around! It’s fun here. Borderline crazy. And there will be posts that are just full of crazy I’m sure. So spread it! Spread the crazy! Because then people will smile or laugh and then they’ll be happy and happy people will save the world. So really, you’re just helping to save the world by sharing my blog. Who knew it would be that easy?


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