Pardon my mucus

I’ve head a cold since Monday night. I can pinpoint the exact moment it hit me. That weird bit of scratchiness in my throat and a sudden tingling in my sinuses. I sat up straight on the couch and said, “Oh no!” My boyfriend, who was just getting over a cold knew, with just those words. “You’re getting sick!” he said. Yep. That was exactly it. I ran to the kitchen and cut up a bunch of raw garlic and threw it into some left over egg drop soup which I proceeded to garbage down, hoping to get as much garlic in me at once as I could (after heating the soup of course). I also made some tea full of some Chinese herbs that are good for clearing the nose and all that and drank that down. I went to bed.

The next morning, I got up to get ready for an eleven hour shift at work. I didn’t feel much worse but it was definitely taking hold. I got ready, popped a vitamin C drop in my mouth and headed for work. Before I headed in, I stopped and bought some garlic pills. Got to work, made more of my Chinese tea and promptly swallowed two garlic pills. You’re only supposed to take one a day for a healthy heart but I was trying to kill a cold. So two. And I planned on taking another at lunch and then another later in the afternoon. Perfect, because the box says they’re odorless. Lies! All lies! Twenty minutes after taking the first two I could taste garlic in my mouth. (At this point, let me note that the bank I work in is what is known as an in-store branch. An in-store branch is a bank branch located, well, in a store. Usually a grocery store or superstore of some kind. You’ve seen them around. This is as specific as I will get about where I work.) I borrowed some gum from a co-worker and then ran out into the store to buy more gum when I could.

Now, I’m calling the garlic pills a liar but to be fair, I did take two pills as opposed to one, which may very well make a difference. However, later when I just took one, I had that same garlic taste in my mouth twenty minutes later. Granted, that was the third one I’d had that day. So maybe if you just stick to one a day? Regardless, not only was I fighting a cold, I was fighting garlic breath.

I lost the fight. By Tuesday night, the cold was pretty full blown. I went to work Wednesday, which is very busy for us in the evening. That sapped whatever energy I had left and I’m home sick today and glad for the rest. Between the garlic, vitamin C and the Chinese herbal tea (all of which I kept taking throughout Wednesday) I think I managed to lessen the impact though. I don’t think I’m as sick as my boyfriend got and I think, with rest today, that I should be feeling quite a bit better tomorrow. Which is good, because the boyfriend and I are heading up to his old college’s homecoming celebrations Saturday and meeting up with friends there. Some I know, but others I don’t and I don’t want my first impression to be of someone completely high on cold medicine, although that may have to be how it is. At least it’ll be amusing.


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