Coffee talk

I’ve been neglecting my blog. I apologize. I’ve been having some personal things going on. This isn’t where I’m going to air my dirty laundry so I won’t go into details. Suffice it to say, writing has not been a priority, which is terrible, really. This makes me happy and I really should try and do it each and every day! Even when I don’t feel like it, or I’m uninspired. I just hate to put something out there that’s just SUCH a bad read! Practice makes perfect though.

Had trouble with my coffee this morning. I have this one cup brewer thing. I call it a “lazy man’s french press” because you don’t even have to press anything. It’s called a Clever Coffee Dripper. It’s a very simple thing and you wouldn’t think it would make a good cup of coffee but, oh, it does. And it’s so easy. (It’s here if you’re curious). You may have to play with how much coffee you add at first but that’s something I do with any new coffee maker, directions be damned. Different coffees require different amounts. The directions on the coffee usually need to be tweaked a bit. The directions are just a starting off point in my humble opinion. But then, I like my coffee more than most. Drinking coffee is an entire experience for me, from the brewing to the drinking. Well, sometimes a cafe brews it for me but the drinking part…that’s the best. Coffee must be savored. Every sip should be concentrated on and enjoyed to its fullest.

You see, I’m a coffee addict. If I could, I’d drink it all day. It makes me exceedingly happy and clears my head, allowing me to concentrate. It’s been suggested I’m mildly ADD because of that. I do spend most of my time feeling a little foggy and unfocused, so possibly. All I know is I like a good, strong cup of coffee. Must have some sort of sweetener in it though. And I recently learned I can take or leave any kind of cream, as long as the coffee is good coffee. Good coffee is smooth, no matter how strong it is. My current fave is a dark roast by Starbucks called Cafe Verona. It’s roasty with almost chocolate undertones. Delicious.

I completely got off topic (ADD?). I was talking about the trouble I had making coffee this morning. Sometimes I’m so in need of coffee that I have issues making it. Or ordering it, if I’m in a cafe. This morning, I boiled up some water, poured it in the dripper to let the coffee steep and then poured some hot water into my mug to prepare the mug, so to speak. It heats up the mug and helps the coffee stay hotter longer. When the coffee is ready, you dump the water out of the mug and then the coffee goes in. Forgot to dump the water, so ended up with watered down coffee everywhere when the mug overflowed. *sigh* So I cleaned everything up, dumped the used grounds in the kitchen composter, boiled some more water and went to pour it in the dripper only to realize I hadn’t put the filter back in and added coffee. At least that didn’t require starting all over but it delayed me a minute. I skipped the prepping the mug thing as I’m fairly certain the inside was still warm (plus I was afraid I’d make the same mistake AGAIN). After about four minutes of steeping, I finally had my coffee. Worth every fumbling moment but some days it’s so difficult to get that cup.

There was a time I wandered into my usual coffee shop (Ok, it’s a Starbucks) to order a coffee and all I could come up with at first was, “I’ll take a grande…something. Oh my gods, I need coffee so bad I can’t order my coffee!” Cue laughing baristas. Luckily, I go there enough that they accurately guessed what I wanted. It didn’t keep the one guy from writing “Something” with a big smiley face on the side of my cup. I love that place. Although, honestly, the small, non-chain cafes are usually a bit better and I prefer to support a small business, I just haven’t found one on the way to work. There are at least three Starbucks, though, and they make a good latte, support equal rights and, from what I hear, are really good to all of their employees. I’ve never run across an unhappy person working at Starbucks. Of course, they’re probably all hopped up on espresso. I’d be happy all the time too. I once considered working at a Starbucks but it occurred to me I’d never sleep again and really, I value sleep.

Last thing, for anyone who has read any previous posts, my dog, Pandora, is doing just fine. She came out of the vets office with some funny shaved patches, some pain killers and some liquid antibiotics. Later that evening you’d never know anything had happened to her (except the funny haircut). I wish I were that resilient. Time for her walk. Looks like the sky may open up and drop some rain so I’d better hurry.